5 basic tips to stop acne

5 basic tips to stop acne

Acne, spots and inpurities are probably the most common skin problem. Although it is a problem that is associated with puberty, a lot of people struggle with it throughout adult life as well.

Nothing fights acne and spots better than a good and thorough skincare routine with products that are individually fitted for your skin type. But there are also some very basic steps that are vital for your skin to be able to be at its best.

These are my 5 favourite basic steps to fight acne:

  1. Don’t touch your skin

    With acne and spots it is common to have the feeling that your skin itches. And many of us have the bad habits of itching and picking on our spots. But our hands and fingers are covered in dirt and bacterias. This gets on to our skin and may create further infections. Big skin infections causes further scaring when the acne has gone.

  2. Get enough rest

    Your body needs rest to heal and rejuvinate. This also goes for your skin. When you have big areas of acne, your body is fighting an infection. Sleep allows the immune system to work. Make sure you are getting engough sleep to let your body and immune system do its job. A minimum of eight hours a night is a must for your skin to be happy and healthy.

  3. Reduce stress

    Stress releases cortisol into your body. An increas in cortisol levels in your body may lead to acne break outs. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga are techniques that can help you manage stress in your life. Also, if your daily to do list is to long, you will never be able to relax in your everyday life. Make sure you make those everyday life changes so that you are not constantly not reaching your goals.

  4. A little excercise a day keeps the acne away

    Our skin as well as our body needs that regular activity to stay healthy. A combination of strenghtening excersises and endurance excercises is the best. Regular excersises also helps reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

  5. There might be a trigger in your diet

    Myself I have found it frustrating to hear; ‘honey, are you eathing healthy’, when I am going through a bad acne breakout. But sometimes it might not be that you are not eating healthy. It might be that there are something in your diet that triggers acne and skin problems. Many clients reports that especially dairy products and processed food seems to bring out their acne. Have a think if there might be something in your diet that seems to bring out your acne. And on a general level eat as much fruit, vegetables and unprosessed meat and fish as you can.

Dont be to hard on yourself!

If you are going through a bad outbreak of acne and spots, dont beat yourself up about it. Start with two or three of the steps above and you will soon find that your skin will gradually start healing itself.

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